Timothy Zahn has lived on a small farm in Toutle his entire life, and is well acquainted with the problems and needs of rural Washington.

Timothy has worked in the hayfields and on the farms of southwest Washington to help pay college expenses and knows the difficulty young people have finding jobs in the local area.

Upon receiving his bachelors degree in IT administrative management in June of 2020, Timothy hopes to give back to the community by representing Southwest Washington in the state legislature.

In his spare time, Timothy studies world history, in the belief that we can learn from the past and apply the lessons of our ancestors to solve today’s problems. He holds frequent discussions to share his ideas with his friends and family, as well as with his classmates in political science and business administration.

By using a lifetime of local knowledge, an understanding of the past, and the acquired ability to manage for the future, Timothy believes he can make the 20th district a destination in itself rather than a way-station on the I-5 corridor.